How to Recruit Illinois Talent

Understanding Our Career Services Structure

The University of Illinois has a decentralized career services structure. There are many career offices on campus which serve Illinois students and employers. Some serve students from across campus, some are college specific, while others are department based. Based on your needs, it may benefit you to work with more than one office. The career services offices will work together to make recruiting students from different disciplines or programs as easy as possible. View the Career Services Office Directory for contact information for career service offices that can help you.

Identifying Talent

The first step in identifying talent is to consider your hiring needs. Consider the following questions and based on these answers your career services office will be able to help you identify a recruitment strategy.

  • What type of skills and/or expertise are you seeking?
  • Are you looking for a particular major?
  • What level is the position? Is it entry-level or does it require experience or an advanced degree?
  • Is it full-time, co-op, part-time, or an internship?
  • How many individuals do you need to hire? When do you need the candidates to start?

Identifying Global Talent

Illinois also boasts an international enrollment of almost 5000 undergraduate and 4500+ graduate level students from around the world. Some reasons you may consider hiring international candidates include:

  • Bringing a global perspective and cultural diversity to your team and organization
  • Excelling in diverse workplaces and the courage to tackle the unknown
  • Speaking multiple languages and a broad understanding of cultural differences
  • Contributing technical expertise

We have created a short guide for domestic employers to help address what is required for U.S. employers to hire international candidates.

Engaging with Illinois


  • Build your pipeline of potential candidates early and often to generate the best results
  • Visit campus and attend events
  • Don’t just focus on juniors and seniors, freshman and sophomores will be your future candidates and should be engaged
  • Contribute to professional development by partnering in career workshops, resume reviews, mock interviews and networking events
  • Support career exploration programs
  • Sponsor university activities, academic units, and RSO’s

Recruitment Events

  • Campus career fairs
  • On-Campus interviews
  • Information sessions
  • Connecting with student groups

Other Opportunities

Information for International Employers

International employers may have additional questions about travel and other aspects of the recruitment process. We have created a brief guide for international employers to complement the general recruiting information posted here. Please contact us for help coordinating recruiting events on campus.

Handshake @ Illinois

Handshake is the online recruitment system used across the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. This free to use recruitment management system allows you to post job and internship opportunities, access resumes, schedule on-campus interviews and/or information sessions, and register for career fairs and other events. A registered company can have multiple contacts who can access the system.

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