Help students learn by doing

Experiential Learning

Build your brand on campus by engaging with students in experiential learning opportunities. 

College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences

  • International Business Immersion Program (IBIP). Any global/multinational company interested in students doing a case study or visiting their company at an international location please contact Lauren Karplus at

  • FSHN 466, Food Product Development. Employers are invited to judge (up to 12 spots) the final product(s) developed for a senior capstone course in Food Science. Employers can be a) panel judges or b) a company can have teams develop a product based on attributes specific to their needs. Note, if you are defining attributes, you will need to participate at the beginning of the semester.  Contact: Dawn Bohn at

Gies College of Business

  • Sponsoring a pro-bono student project is the best way to build your talent pipeline and engage with Gies Business students at Gies College of Business. We work with over 100 companies every year. For more information or to request a project, visit our website or contact Marissa Siero at 

Graduate College 

  • Collaborate with the Graduate College Career Development Office to develop a Try It Out program (typically 4-8 hours) for a small group of participants to engage in a project, case study, or other activity that makes a meaningful contribution to your organization and gives them valuable, practical experience. Email Mike Firmand at to get started.

School of Chemical Sciences 

School of Information Sciences

  • BIG. From conducting competitive intelligence research to dashboard development, white papers, and technology assessments, graduate student consultants in the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) provide critical insights for multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations, and technology start-ups.
  • Practicum. Non-profit and government organizations are invited to host a practicum student for 100 hours of experiential learning in a broad range of topics from UX assessments to data analytics and visualizations, document collection development, digital collaboration, and the development of instruction or outreach programs.

School of Labor and Employment Relations